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Rick Price – Only Reminds Me Of You Lyrics

Posted on: 27/09/2010

I see you, beside me
It’s only a dream
A vision of what used to be
The laughter, the sorrow
Pictures in time
Fading to memory
How could I ever let you go
Is it too late to let it know

I tried to run from your side
But each place I hide
It only reminds me of you
When I turn out all the lights
Even the night
It only reminds me of you

I needed my freedom
This what I’ve thought
But I was a fool to believe
My heart lie while you cry
Rivers of tears
But I was too blind to see
everything we’ve been through before
now it means so much more to you

[Repeat Chorus]

Only you…

so come back to me
I’m down on my knees
boy can’t you see??…

how could i ever let you go..
isn’t too late to let you know

[Repeat chorus twice]
it only reminds me of you..


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